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This method returns the name of the appropriate security engine for a given button or signature node. This is useful for determining which validation call you need to make to validate the signature.


   public String getSecurityEngineName(
      int theOperation
   ) throws UWIException;


Table 1. get security engine name parameters
theOperationintThe operation you want the security engine for. Possible values are:
SecurityManager.SEOPERATION_SIGN — the engine that is needed to sign the form.
SecurityManager.SEOPERATION_VERIFY — the engine that is needed to verify the signature.
SecurityManager.SEOPERATION_LISTIDENTITIES — the engine that is needed to generate a list of valid certificates for signing.


A string containing the name of the security engine on success, or throws a generic exception (UWIException) if an error occurs. The possible names are:
  • CryptoAPI
  • Netscape
  • ClickWrap
  • HMAC-ClickWrap
  • PenOp


The following example uses getSecurityEngineName to get the appropriate engine for a signature verification. If the engine is HMAC-ClickWrap, the example calls a method that will verify an HMAC signature. Otherwise, the example calls a method that verifies other types of signatures.
   public short validateSignature(FormNodeP sigNode)
   String engineName;
   short validation;
      engineName = sigNode.getSecurityEngineName
      if (engineName.equals("HMAC-ClickWrap"))
         validation = validateAuthenticatedClickwrapSignature(sigNode);
         validation = validateNormalSignature(sigNode);

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