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No abstract provided.


This method returns the signature lock count of a node. If 0 is returned, the node is not signed by any digital signature, but it may have descendants that are signed.


   public int getSigLockCount( ) throws UWIException;


There are no parameters for this method.


The number of locks on the given node or throws a generic exception (UWIException) if an error occurs.


In the following example, dereferenceEx is used to locate the address field node. getSigLockCount is then used to determine how many signatures have locked the address field.
   private static void checkSigLocks(FormNodeP theForm) throws Exception
   FormNodeP addressNode;
   FormNodeP tempNode;
      if ((addressNode = theForm.dereferenceEx(null, "PAGE1.ADDRESSFIELD", 
         0,   FormNodeP.UFL_ITEM_REFERENCE, null)) == null) 
         throw new UWIException("Could not locate ADDRESSFIELD node.");
      if (addressNode.getSigLockCount( ) != 2)
         System.out.println("ADDRESSFIELD not signed twice.");

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