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No abstract provided.


Registers a FunctionCall object with the IFX Manager.


public void registerInterface(
   com.PureEdge.GenericInterface theInterface,
   String theInterfaceName,
   int theInterfaceVersion,
   int theMinInterfaceVersion,
   int theImplementationVersion,
   int theFlags,
   String  [] theCriteriaList,
   com.PureEdge.ifx.IFXCriteriaMatchingHandler theCriteriaHandler
  ) throws UWIException;


theInterface GenericInterfaceThe object that you are registering with the IFX Manager. Typical setting: this (if the object is registering itself)
theInterfaceNameStringThe name of the Interface that you are registering. In this case a Function Call Interface. Typical setting: FunctionCall.FUNCTIONCALL_INTERFACE_ NAME
theInterfaceVersion intThe function call interface version. Typical setting: FunctionCall.FUNCTIONCALL_CURRENT_ VERSION
theMinInterface VersionintThe minimum version that the interface will support. Typical setting: FunctionCall.FUNCTIONCALL_ MIN_VERSION_SUPPORTED
theImplementation VersionintThe version of the object you are registering. This is typically 0x01000300. If there are multiple objects with the same name available, the one with the highest version number is registered.
theFlags intReserved. Setting: 0
theCriteriaListString [ ]Reserved. Setting: null
theCriteriaHandlercom.PureEdge.ifx.IFX Criteria-Matching HandlerReserved. Setting: theFCM.getDefaultListener( )


Nothing if call is successful or throws a generic exception (UWIException) if an error occurs.


  • Typically, you will have to retrieve the Function Call Manager from the IFX Manager using getFunctionCallManager before you call registerInterface.
  • Typically the registerInterface parameter called theCriteriaHandler is set to:
  •       theFCM.getDefaultListener( )

Note that theFCM is a FunctionCallManager object which represents the Function Call Manager.


In the following example, theIFX represents the IFX Manager
   public FciFunctionCall(IFX IFXMan) throws UWIException
      FunctionCallManager theFCM;
         if ((theFCM = IFSSingleton.getFunctionCallManager()) == null) 
            throw new UWIException("Needed Function Call Manager");
            0x01000300, 0, null, theFCM.getDefaultListener( ));

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