Community articleRegistering the FunctionCall object with the IFX Manager
Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 6, 2011
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Each FunctionCall object registers itself with the IFX Manager as an interface that provides function call support.

In the FunctionCall class constructor, register the function call with the IFX Manager using the method registerInterface.
  • In the following example the FciFunctionCall constructor uses the registerInterface method to register itself with the IFX Manager as a FunctionCall object:
  •       public FciFunctionCall(IFX IFXMan) throws UWIException
          FunctionCallManager theFCM;
             if ((theFCM = IFSSingleton.getFunctionCallManager()) == null) 
                throw new UWIException("Needed Function Call Manager");
                0x01000300, 0, null, theFCM.getDefaultListener( ));

Parent topic: Setting up the FunctionCall Class

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