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To define your custom functions for XFDL forms, you must first create a FunctionCall structure. The FunctionCall structure contains definitions for your custom functions.
To create a FunctionCall structure you must generate a generic IFSObject using the function IFSObject_AllocateObject. Then you must customize the IFSObject to provide Function Call services by calling the function FunctionCall_SetObjectProc.
The FunctionCall structure must provide services for the functions FunctionCallEvaluate and FunctionCallHelp since they are defined as part of the FunctionCall structure.
Remember that to make your functions available to the API you must register your FunctionCall with the IFX Manager using the function, IFXRegisterInterface.
You must also register each of your functions with the Function Call Manager using the function FCMRegisterFunctionCall.
For more information about the Function Call Manager functions refer to FunctionCall data structure and functions . For more information about the IFX Manager functions, refer to IFX Manager and functions .
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