Community articleRegistering a FunctionCall with the IFX Manager
Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 3, 2012
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Each FunctionCall structure must be registered with the IFX Manager as an interface that provides function call support.
C_ExtensionInit, registers the FunctionCall structure with the IFX Manager using the function IFXRegisterInterface.
  • The last parameter in the call to IFXRegisterInterface is a pointer to an object of type IFXCriteriaMatchingHandler. An object of this type can be generated by calling the function FCMGetDefaultListener.
  • In the following example theFunctionCall is registered with the IFX Manager theIFXManager.
  • /*    Get the default listener */
    if ((returnPtr = FCMGetDefaultListener()) == NULL)
    /*    Register the interface with the Extention Manager.*/
    if ((theError = IFXRegisterInterface(theIFXManager,
          (GenericInterface*)theFunctionCall, FUNCTIONCALL_INTERFACE_NAME,
          0X01000300L, 0, NULL, 0, returnPtr)) != OK)