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When called, this function checks to see if the digital signatures in a given form are valid.


   Function GetSignatureVerificationStatus() As Integer


There are no parameters for this function.


an Integer having one of the following values:
Table 1. return codes
FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_OKThe signatures are valid.
FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_NOTOKOne or more signatures are broken.
FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_UNVERIFIEDOne or more signatures are unverifiable.

On error, the function throws an exception.


The following function checks to see if all of the signatures in the form are valid by calling GetSignatureVerificationStatus. This relies on a flag that was set when the form was first read, and does not return the current status of the signatures. If the signatures were valid when the form was read, the function returns "Valid"; otherwise, the functions returns "Invalid".
   Function CheckSignatures(Form)
      Dim TempNode  ' objects
      Dim SigStatus  ' Integer
      Set TempNode = Form
      ' Check to see if the signatures were valid when the form was read.
      SigStatus = TempNode.GetSignatureVerificationStatus
      ' If the signatures are not valid, then return "Invalid".  If the
      ' signatures are valid, then return "Valid".
      If (Not(SigStatus = 0)) Then  ' 0 = UFL_SIGS_OK
         CheckSignatures = "Invalid"
         CheckSignatures = "Valid"
      End If
   End Function

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