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Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 3, 2012
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All applications that use the API functions must initialize the Form Library to ensure correct error and memory handling behavior. The sample application does this in a separate method calledInitialize. In turn, Initialize calls the Form Library function IFSInitialize and passes it the name of the current program.
Define the Initialize function to call the function IFSInitialize. IFSInitialize initializes the API environment.
   Sub Initialize()
      Dim DTK As DTK
      ' Get the DTK object. You need this call the IFSInitialize function.
      Set DTK = CreateObject("PureEdge.DTK")
      ' Call DTK.IFSInitialize.  DTK is a static class representing the Java
      ' API development toolkit.  The parameters are:
      '   1. CalculateAge: the name of the application being run.
      '   2. 1.0.0 : the version of the application being run.
      '   3. 2.6.0 : the version of the API being run.
      ' An exception will be thrown if there is a problem.
      DTK.IFSInitialize "CalculateAge", "1.0.0", "2.6.0"
   End Sub