Community articleSetting the CLASSPATH
Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 2, 2012
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Before a computer can run applications that use the Java API or use Java extension files, you must set your computer's CLASSPATH environment variable to include the following files:
<WIN SYS>\PureEdge\80\java\classes\pe_api.jar
<WIN SYS>\PureEdge\80\java\classes\pe_api_native.jar
<WIN SYS>\PureEdge\80\java\classes\uwi_api.jar
<WIN SYS>\PureEdge\80\java\classes\uwi_api_native.jar
<WIN SYS>\PureEdge\80\java\classes\commons-codec.jar
<WIN SYS>\PureEdge\80\java\classes\xmlsec-1.4.1.jar