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No abstract provided.

The AsyncSupport class allows you to manage complicated Java extensions that use multiple threads.
  • Any application that makes calls to the AsyncSupport methods must first import the following class:
  •    com.PureEdge.viewer.AsyncSupport

  • Many of the methods in the API will throw a generic exception called a UWIException if an error occurs. Import the following class to any .java files that call methods from the API:
  •    com.PureEdge.error.UWIException

    Important: Note that the Runnable interface (which is provided by Java, not the IBM® Forms Server – API) does not allow any checked exceptions to be thrown. Any UWIException must be rethrown as a RuntimeException.
    IBM Forms Viewer only supports a single thread, but complex extensions may contain multiple threads. Use invokeLater to delay form updates from extensions until the Viewer has finished processing on the main thread.
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