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No abstract provided.


This method is responsible for the registration of all the services that the extension provides.


public void extensionInit(
   com.PureEdge.ifx.IFX theIFX 
 ) throws UWIException;


Table 1. Method parameters
theIFXIFXThe IFX Manager.


Nothing if call is successful or throws a generic exception (UWIException) if an error occurs.


Use the extensionInit method to create a new FunctionCall object that contains your custom-built functions.
Remember that in order to create a new FunctionCall object you must define a FunctionCall class that contains your custom functions.


In the following example, extensionInit creates a FunctionCall object called SimpleFunctionCall.
   import com.PureEdge.ifx.IFX;
   import com.PureEdge.ifx.ExtensionImplBase;
   import com.PureEdge.ifx.Extension;
   import com.PureEdge.xfdl.FunctionCall;
   import com.PureEdge.error.UWIException;
   public class SimpleExtension extends ExtensionImplBase implements Extension
      public void extensionInit(IFX theIFX) throws UWIException
         FunctionCall theFunctionObject = new SimpleFunctionCall(theIFX);

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