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No abstract provided.


This method determines whether digital signatures are available on the current computer.


     public boolean isDigitalSignaturesAvailable( ) throws UWIException;


There are no parameters for this method.


true if digital signatures are available on this computer; otherwise, false. On error, the method throws a generic exception (UWIException).


In the following example, isDigitalSignaturesAvailable is used to determine whether or not digital signatures are available. A message is then printed which indicates the availability of digital signatures.
   private static void sigsAvailable() throws UWIException
   XFDL theXFDL;
      if ((theXFDL = (XFDL)IFXMan.lookupInterface(XFDL.XFDL_INTERFACE_NAME,
         XFDL.XFDL_CURRENT_VERSION, 0, null, null)) == null)
         throw new Exception("Could not find interface");
      if (theXFDL.isDigitalSignaturesAvailable( )== true)
         System.out.println("Digital signatures are available.");
         System.out.println("Digital signatures are not available.");

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