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Added by IBM contributorIBM on May 3, 2012
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Before your program can begin working with a form, you must load it into memory. CalculateAge does this by defining a loadForm method to handle these tasks.
   private static void loadForm() throws Exception

  1. Before you can load the form, declare the XFDL object:
  2.    XFDL theXFDL;

  3. Use IFSSingleton.getXFDL to assign the XFDL object to theXFDL. This allows you to access the root node of the form.
  4.     theXFDL = IFSSingleton.getXFDL();
             if(theXFDL == null)
                throw new Exception("Could not find interface");

    • The loadForm method uses the Form Library method readForm to load the form into memory. Before you can use readForm
      you must retrieve the
      XFDL object.
  5. Call the API method readForm to load the form into memory. The method returns a reference to the root node of the form.
  6.    theForm = theXFDL.readForm("calculateAge.xfd", 0);

    • The argument "calculateAge.xfd" is the name of the form to read from the local drive.