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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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The C API provides access to the content and structure of XFDL forms.
It contains functions that allow you to:
  • read and write forms
  • add, revise, and delete form content
  • add, revise, and delete XForms data
  • manipulate form structure
  • add, remove, examine, and validate digital signatures
  • add custom functions that are available to computes within XFDL forms
Note that undocumented functions are not supported. Do not use undocumented functions in your applications.
In your C programs, use the custom data types that are defined for cross platform compatibility.
The API contains several memory and string functions that ensure cross-platform consistency in memory handling.

Contains the functions that manipulate forms. These are the primary functions that you use for adding, revising, deleting, and validating form content.