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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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Registers a FunctionCall structure with the IFX Manager.


r_short IFXRegisterInterface(
   IFX *theIFXManager,
   GenericInterface *theInterface,
   r_charP theInterfaceName,
   r_u_long theInterfaceVersion,
   r_u_long theMinInterfaceVersion,
   r_u_long theImplementationVersion,
   r_u_long theFlags,
   r_charP *theCriteriaList,
   r_long theCriteriaListSize,
   IFXCriteriaMatchingHandler *theCriteriaHandler);


Table 1. register interface parameters
theIFXManagerIFX*The IFX Manager.
theInterface GenericInterface*The structure that you are registering with the IFX Manager. In this case, a FunctionCall Interface will be registered.
theInterfaceNamer_charPThe name of the Interface that you are registering. In this case a Function Call Interface. Typical setting: FUNCTIONCALL_INTERFACE_NAME
theInterfaceVersion r_u_longThe function call interface version. Typical setting: FUNCTIONCALL_CURRENT_VERSION
theMinInterfaceVersionr_u_longThe minimum version that the interface will support. Typical setting: FUNCTIONCALL_MIN_VERSION_ SUPPORTED
theImplementation Versionr_u_longThe FunctionCall implementation version.
TheFlags r_u_longReserved. Setting: 0
theCriteriaListr_charPReserved. Setting: null
theCriteriaListSizer_longA pointer to the size of theCriteriaList. Reserved. Setting: 0
theCriteriaHandlerIFXCriteria MatchingHandler*Reserved. Setting: FCMGetDefaultListener()


OK on success or an error code on failure.


r_short C_ExtensionInit(Extension *theExtension, IFX *theIFXManager)
FunctionCall *theFunctionCall;
r_short theError;
      /* Additional code removed */
      if ((theError = IFXRegisterInterface(theIFXManager,
         0X01000300L, 0, NULL, 0, FCMGetDefaultListener() )) != OK)
      /* Additional code removed */