Community articleCreating the Extension Source File
Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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When the Forms System is initialized, the API checks for any existing extensions and calls the initialization function (C_ExtensionInit). Your first step in creating a custom function is to set up and initialize C_ExtensionInit.
  1. Create a new C source file called fciExtension.c.
  2. Include the following preprocessor directives:
  3. #include "masqutil.h"
    #include "IFX.h"
    #include "xfdllib.h"
    #include "Extension.h"
    #include "FunctionCall.h"
    #include "FunctionCallManager.h"

Note: masqutil.h must always be the first include in any source file that uses the Form Library or the FCI Library.