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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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In this tutorial, you will create a simple extension that adds a multiply function to an XFDL form.
A series of practical examples is provided which you may work through to build an extension called Sample Extension. The extension contains a package of functions called sample_package, which contains one function called multiply. The multiply function multiplies the value of two fields together and stores the result in a third field. Try adding other functions to the package for more practice using the FCI Library.
Although the FCI Library contains many functions, you only need to use a few of them to create a simple package of functions. These are:
  • C_ExtensionInit
  • IFSObject_AllocateObject
  • FunctionCall_SetObjectProc
  • IFXRegisterInterface
  • FCMRegisterFunctionCall
  • FunctionCallEvaluate
  • FunctionCallHelp
The remaining FCI functions allow you to customize the behavior of your functions and extensions. For example you can attach additional information to a particular extension, or get a list of currently registered extensions.
Note: Before you can build extensions using the FCI functions, you must set up your development environment. See Developing and distributing applications API 801 C TCreate New Article.
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