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This function determines whether a node is signed.


   Function IsSigned(
      excludeSelf As Boolean
      ) As Boolean


Table 1. Function parameters
excludeSelfBooleanA signature node is always self-signed. To determine whether a second signature has been applied to that node, you must exclude the self-signing from this check.
To exclude the self-signing from the signature check, set this to True. To include the self-signing, set this to False.


True if the node is signed, False if it is not.


The following function locates the value node for a Date field, checks to see if it is signed, and sets the value if the node is not signed.
   Sub SetDateValue(theDate, TheForm)
      Dim TempNode ' object
      ' Locate the value option for the Date field
      Set TempNode = TheForm.DereferenceEx(vbNullString, _
         "PAGE1.Date.value", 0, UFL_OPTION_REFERENCE, Nothing)
      ' Check the value node to see if it is signed. If it is not signed, 
      ' set it to the value passed into the function.
      If TempNode.IsSigned(False) = False Then
         TempNode.SetLiteralEx vbNullString, theDate
      End If
   End Sub

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