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This function sets whether the computational system is active. When active, all computes in the form are evaluated on an on-going basis. When inactive, no computes are evaluated.
Note that turning the computational system on causes all computes in the form to be re-evaluated, which can be time consuming.


Sub SetActiveForComputationalSystem(
   activeFlag As Boolean)


Table 1. Function parameters
activeFlagBooleanSet to True to activate the compute system or False to deactivate the compute system.


Nothing or throws an exception if an error occurs.


The following function uses SetActiveForComputationalSystem to turn the compute system off before making a series of changes to a form. Once the changes are complete, SetActiveForComputationalSystem is called again to turn the compute systems back on, allowing the form to update itself based on the changes that were made.
   Sub ProcessForm(Form)
      ' Turn the compute system off. This allows us to make many changes to
      ' the form quickly without the compute system slowing down the
      ' processing.
      ' Call a function that adds a series of new items to the form.
      ' Call a function that removes a series of items from the form.
      ' Call a function that updates some information in the form.
      ' Turn the compute system back on so that the form can update itself.
   End Sub

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