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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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Before your program can begin working with a form, you must load it into memory. CalculateAge does this by defining a LoadForm function to handle these tasks.
Call ReadForm within the implementation of your loadForm function to read in the form, calculateAge.xfd.
   Function LoadForm() As IFormNodeP
      Dim XFDL As XFDL
      ' Get the XFDL object. You need this to call the ReadForm function.
      Set XFDL = CreateObject("PureEdge.xfdl_XFDL")
      ' Call XFDL.ReadForm.  The parameters are:
      '   1. calculateAge.xfd : indicates the file on the local drive to read
      '       the form from.
      '   2. 0 : no special behavior.
      '   readForm will return a reference to the root node of the
      '   new form structure once it is loaded into memory.  An exception
      '   will be thrown if there is a problem.
      Set LoadForm = XFDL.ReadForm("c:\calculateage.xfd", 0)
   End Function