Community articleSetting up the prefs.config file on AIX, Linux, and Solaris
Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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The prefs.config file controls the configuration of the API. When you redistribute the API with your application, you must also install an application-specific configuration file on the target computers. You should set this file to configure the API properly for your application.
You must install the configuration file in one of the following locations:



Both files are checked for configuration information, and the settings in the user specific file override the settings in the /etc/PureEdge/prefs/prefs.config file. However, if you do not require user specific settings, you only need to install the /etc/PureEdge/prefs/prefs.config file.
In these paths, the <application> and <version> are determined by the parameters of the IFSInitialize function. You must call this function from your application to initialize the API, and as part of that you must supply a name and version for your application. Use the same name and version in your path.
For example, if you called the IFSInitialize function with a name of "CustomApp" and a version of "1.0", you would install the configuration file in the following location:

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