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The FunctionCall class contains definitions for your custom functions. It also registers each FunctionCall object, and custom function that the object supports with the Forms System.
The FunctionCall class extends the pre-defined superclass com.PureEdge.xfdl.FunctionCallImplBase and implements the pre-defined interface FunctionCall.
The FunctionCall class must implement the methods evaluate and help since they are defined as part of the FunctionCall interface.
  • Remember that in order to make your functions available to the API you must register your FunctionCall object with the IFX Manager using the method called registerInterface.
  • You must also retrieve the Function Call Manager from the IFX Manager using the method getFunctionCallManager and register each of your functions with the Function Call Manager using the method registerFunctionCall.
  • For more information about the FunctionCallManager methods refer to FunctionCallManager class . For more information about the IFX methods mentioned above, refer to IFX class .
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