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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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The Java™ API provides access to the content and structure of XFDL forms.
It contains classes and methods that allow you to:
  • read and write forms
  • add, revise, and delete form content
  • add, revise, and delete XForms data
  • manipulate form structure
  • add, remove, examine, and validate digital signatures
  • add custom functions that are available to computes within XFDL forms
Note that undocumented methods are not supported. Do not use undocumented methods in your applications.
Many methods in the API require one or more Holder objects as parameters.

Contains the methods that initialize the form library. You must call one of these methods before you can use the library.

Contains the methods that manipulate forms. This is the primary class that you use for adding, revising, deleting, and validating form content.