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Use this method to retrieve the Function Call Manager. The Function Call Manager maintains a list of all of the packages and custom functions that are available. As such, you must register all function calls with the Function Call Manager.


   public static XFDL getFunctionCallManager() throws UWIException;


There are no parameters for this method.


Returns the FunctionCallManger object or throws a generic exception (UWIException) if an error occurs.


In the following example, the FciFunctionCall method calls getFunctionCallManager to obtain the Function Call Manager object called theFCM.
   public FciFunctionCall(IFX IFXMan) throws UWIException
   FunctionCallManager theFCM;
      if ((theFCM = IFSSingleton.getFunctionCallManager()) == null)
      throw new UWIException("Needed Function Call Manager")

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