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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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When called, this method checks to see if the digital signatures in a given form are valid.


  public short getSignatureVerificationStatus( ) throws UWIException;


There are no parameters for this method.


a short having one of the following values:
Table 1. return codes
FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_OKThe signatures are valid.
FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_NOTOKOne or more signatures are broken.
FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_UNVERIFIEDOne or more signatures are unverifiable.

On error, the method throws a generic exception (UWIException).


The following example reads a form into memory, and then uses getSignatureVerificationStatus to check if the signatures in a loaded form are valid.
   private static void loadForm( ) throws Exception
      FormNodeP.readForm("Sample.xfd", 0);
      if (theForm.getSignatureVerificationStatus()!= FormNodeP.UFL_SIGS_OK)
         System.out.println("At least one digital signature is not valid.");

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