Community articleDeveloping an extension with the FCI Library
Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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In this tutorial, you will create a simple extension to an XFDL form.
A series of practical examples is provided which you can work through to build a package of functions called sample_package, which contains one function called convertDate. The convertDate function converts a date to a language and format specific to another country. Try adding other functions to the package for more practice using the FCI Library of methods.
Although the FCI Library contains many methods, you only need to use a few of them to create a simple package of functions. These are:
  • lookupInterface
  • registerInterface
  • registerFunctionCall
  • evaluate
  • help
The remaining FCI methods allow you to customize the behavior of your functions and extensions. For example, you can attach additional information to a particular extension, or get a list of currently registered extensions.
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