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Added by IBM contributorIBM on July 26, 2013
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By using the method help, you can provide help information to form designers within a development environment (for example, IBM® Forms Designer). Use help to help form designers choose and use the correct functions.
Provide in-depth help information for each of the functions you create by implementing the FunctionCall method help.
  • The FunctionCall class must implement the help method since it is defined as part of the FunctionCall interface.
  • In the following example, help provides help information for the convertDate function in the class FciFunctionCall.
  •       public class FciFunctionCall extends 
          com.PureEdge.xfdl.FunctionCallImplBase implements FunctionCall
             /* Additional Code Removed */
             public void help(String thePackageName, 
                String theFunctionName, int theFunctionID, 
                com.PureEdge.IFSUserDataHolder theFunctionData, 
                com.PureEdge.StringHolder theQuickDesc, 
                com.PureEdge.StringHolder theFunctionDesc, 
                com.PureEdge.StringHolder theSampleCode, 
                com.PureEdge.StringListHolder theArgsNameList, 
                com.PureEdge.StringListHolder theArgsDescList, 
                com.PureEdge.ShortListHolder theArgsFlagList, 
                com.PureEdge.StringHolder theRetValDesc, 
                com.PureEdge.ShortHolder theRetValFlag) throws
                case FciFunctionCall.CONVERTDATE:
                   theQuickDesc.value = "Converts a date to a different " + 
                   theFunctionDesc.value = "This function takes a date in " +
                      "the first parameter and a locale in the second " +
                      "parameter and returns the date formatted for the " + 
                      "specified locale";
                   theSampleCode.value = "\t <LABEL SID = \"LABEL1\"> \n" +
                      "\t\t <VALUE COMPUTE = "sample_package.convert " + 
                      "(\'19980101\', \'french\')"></VALUE> \n" +
                      "\t\t <SIZE CONTENT = \"ARRAY\"> \n" +
                      "\t\t\t <AE>10</AE> \n" +
                      "\t\t\t <AE>1</AE> \n" +
                      "\t\t </SIZE> \n" +
                      "\t </LABEL> \n";
                   theArgsNameList.value = new String[2];
                   theArgsNameList.value[0] = "theDate";
                   theArgsNameList.value[1] = "theLocale";
                   theArgsDescList.value = new String[2];
                   theArgsDescList.value[0] = "The english date";
                   theArgsDescList.value[1] = "The locale";
                   theRetValDesc.value = "The formatted date";

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