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This method initializes the Streaming API. You must call this method before calling any of the other methods.


public static void initialize(
   String progName,
   String progVer,
   String apiVer
  ) throws UWIException;


Table 1. Method parameters
progNameStringThe name of the application calling initialize. This name identifies the application within the PureEdgeAPI.ini file. It also sets the name that is returned by the XFDL applicationName function.
progVerStringThe version and build numbers of the application calling initialize. If the PureEdgeAPI.ini file has an entry for this version of the application, the application binds to the version of the API listed in that entry.
apiVerStringThe version number of the API that the application should use by default. If the PureEdgeAPI.ini file does not contain an entry for the specific application, the application binds to the API specified by this parameter.


Nothing if call is successful or throws a UWIException exception if an error occurs.


The Streaming API does not use any of the initialize parameters. However, you must include them if you want your application to be compatible with the Java Classic API.
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