Sep 25, 2013, 12:00 PM
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SmartCloud users cannot send mail

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  • Platform: Windows
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We recently migrated a group of users to SmartCloud Notes (in a hybrid environment) and a few of those users cannot send mail outbound from their Notes Client.  Their locations are set to "SmartCloud for User Name".  We ran the config.nsf successfully creating/configuring the connection docs and location setting.  When the mail is sent from the client, it goes directly to the Outgoing mailbox and sits there. The replicator attempts to sync and deliver the mail, but it stays in a "pending" state.

 Inbound mail is fine and the users can send and receive from the web browser mail.  This problem only occurs on the Notes Client.

I have opened a PMR with IBM, but this issue has yet to be resolved.

Any suggestions?