Aug 12, 2014, 5:28 PM
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ActiveSync for Android users on SmartCloud?

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The Traveler client on Android works well but sadly it has it own calendar separate from the one that is built into Android OS.

This leads to that I want to test and see if ActiveSync works better.

Test 1 using "LG G2" built in client:

  • I set it to
  • Put in username: firstname.lastname@company com
  • SSL
  • No domain

Result: Failure: cannot connect

(I threw in a /traveler and also a /servlet/traveler into the URL but no luck)

Test 2 using "Nine"

I put in the same information

Result: Failure can't connect to server

Test 3 using "Nine" in "developer mode"

Bu tapping in the settings screen several times I was able to change to developer mode. Now I can control user agent and other stuff:

I put in User agent: Apple-iPhone2c1/801.293 and Device type: iPhone

Result: Failure: Still no luck and I am out of ideas, do you have one?

Aug 19, 2014, 7:07 AM
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ActiveSync for Android users on SmartCloud?
Hi Anders Aslund

Android OS support is limited to the IBM Notes Traveler client for Android.  There is no support for 3rd-party mail clients running on the Android OS.As of now if you want access Smart cloud Notes traveler account from Andriod OS then you need to install traveler client .Please find the system requirements as below