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SmartCloud not obeying Domino Domain

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We have a customer with a SmartCloud Hybrid setup.

Some users are located in another Domain even though they still technically have mailboxes in SmartCloud they have been moved to another Domino Domain by updating the Person information in server names.nsf.

For a user:

Mail system changed from Notes to Other.

Domino Changed from: CustomerDomain to AnotherDomain.

Only the OnPrem server route mail correctly, but  smartcloud servers only sometimes seems to be able to route to this domain.



For users with the new domain. SmartCloud will at random obey the Domain and route the mail correctly.

A email that a SmartCloud user X sends a mail to another SmartCloud user Y (with new Domino Domain = should be forwarded). The first mail is properly routed out from SmartCloud to the other domain, but the next mail from same user X will be sent in to the SmartCloud mailbox for user Y (which is not used anymore).

I have contacted IBM Support about this since it is not a good behaviour by SmartCloud.


[Update 2 - solved]