Apr 2, 2015, 5:19 AM
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3rd party client for Chat,Mobile, etc?

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Can I run Connections Cloud Chat in Pidgin/Audium or any other 3rd party client?

-- This used to work with OnPrem Sametime, now I get error when trying to connect to Connections Cloud Sametime

-- Adium gives me "Version mismatch" even if "hide client identity" and "force login" is choosed




Solved on Mac using Adium by using terminal:

defaults write com.adiumX.adiumX AISametimeMinorVersion -integer 8511


On Linux/Windows using Pidgin:

A solution on the client side ist to fake the version in accounts.xml. Insert/change the lines

<setting name='fake_client_id' type='bool'>1</setting>

<setting name='client_minor' type='int'>8511</setting>

in the <settings> section of Sametime account in accounts.xml.


Can I run Exchange ActiveSync on my Android with Connections Cloud?

-- This used to work with OnPrem Traveler. Now I just get error on my Sony Xperia Z3, also tested on other modern Android devices with same error.


Can I use anything but IBM Notes to get my calendar/contacts on my Linux/Mac/WIndows-machine?

-- Is this even in future pipeline for Connections cloud??