Jan 16, 2017, 9:20 AM
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Hi Jakub,

It is not possible to provision via API into SCN for a hybrid user and what you are trying to achieve is possible via integration server (LLIS) and even for the service only user, its not possible to define the template.

To summarize:
         - using the SmartCloudNotes User Provisioning UI (provisioning new users with NEW/empty mailfiles)
         - MOM migration (provisioning users with mailfile migration)
         - Onboard Transitioning tools (provisioning users with mailfile migration)
         - Integration Server (for new users OR in conjection with Onboard Transitioning tools for migrating user data)

         RE Authentication;
         APIs can be used but the you need to be aware that SmartCloudNotes is hosted on top of BSS and as so, is reliant on BSS APIs.
         Specific SmartCloudNotes API capabilities are very limited.
         These are not what you were requesting but its worth highlighting, this is currently all that is at present.

         There are wider range of BSS API capabilities:

         To summarize:
         If you are looking to create users via API - this is not possible.
         If you are looking to change user's passwords via API, this too is not possible.

         You can use the integration server to Add users via Change Files (wherein you can SET users passwords).