Mar 21, 2013 6:29 AM
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SmartCloud SPAM Control

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Hi All, 

We suggested "IBM SC Notes" trial for one of our customers, after 20 days he came with some questions. 

*SPAM control is default open in SC? According to our customer , SC didn't eliminate SPAMs right now? Has he  to configure something?

*In this 20 days period , he experienced "Web Server Connection Error - Please try later" exception after logining to SC? Do you have any idea?



Apr 8, 2013 3:21 PM
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Re: SmartCloud SPAM Control

Anti-Spam features are enabled by default, there is no requirement for the customers to activate anything.
However, like any other anti-spam appliance, there are situations where the end-user will receive e-mails they consider to be SPAM.
Should it be the case, the mails should be reported, following the process defined in this document :

Reporting spam
This document can be found in the Product Documentation :
Product Documentation > Administering SmartCloud Notes: Service-only Environment > Administering user accounts > Reporting spam

Regarding the second question and the error message "Web Server Connection Error - Please try later", it could be related to several different things, including network connection issues, or browsers interpretations of specific situations.
In case the problem would be reproducible with a supported browser (see the list here) and would not be sporadic, could you provide more details about the browser (name and version), and also about the different occurrences it happened ? Was it happening permanently, sporadically, from specific locations (home office, company network, mobile broadband...) ?

   I hope this helps.

Baptiste Strauss