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AMR tool - Archive Mailbox Reverter for IBM Notes

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You can use the AMR tool which was developed by an IBM Advanced Business Partner to migrate email from on-prem to the SmartCloud. 


Here is a summary of the steps:

1.  Create an empty mailbox for the user in the SmartCloud.

2.  Configure the archive settings profile in the SmartCloud mailbox to point to the user's on-prem mailbox.

3.  Generate an archive report in the AMR tool.

4.  Revert archives in the AMR tool and specify a date a range for mail items to be migrated.


  Archive Mailbox Reverter for IBM Notes - Archive mailbox reversion tool
        • Move server and local archived mail items to mailbox
        • Supports archives on Domino server, local hard drive, network drive and external storage (USB, BRD, DVD, CD)
        • Consolidate multiple archives to server / local mailbox; Centralized logging to monitor multiple users
        • Assist with message migrations (i.e. SmartCloud Notes Hybrid, IBM Verse, Exchange, Google Apps)

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