Gregory Melahn commented on Feb 17, 2010

Connector COM API

@Frode. It is still not a supported API, and is still categorised as 'Technical Preview'. What would help IBM make a decision to support the API are use cases from customers and business partners, as well as feedback on the design and reliability of the API. Thanks.

Mike L Wiles commented on Jul 2, 2009

RE: possibilities

This API only provides access to the connectors configuration information, it currently does not provide a transport for uploading/downloading files.

j.j.t.b. Somhorst commented on Jul 1, 2009



look at this preview I just want to know if its possible using this api to actualy do some work flow on quickr such as uploading files, check them in or out etc.

Gregory Melahn commented on Feb 10, 2009


Frode, Thank you for the feedback. I moved the sentence to the beginning of the article to help clarify. The idea is to offer this API as technical preview and if the customers and partners find it useful to publish it as a supported API.

Frode Danielsen commented on Feb 10, 2009


This seems to be an IBM supported API - but is it? When will it be available?

A sentence in the midle of the code seems to inform a bit on this. Would like to see it more clearer at the top.