vincent vc cailly commented on Oct 23, 2009

Version V2 to support MS Active Directroy.

I have received many mails of people that have installed succesfully this service web service and for for Quickr environment configured with several LDAP directories (Novell edirectory, Sun dierctory, domino directory ...). recently I received a message from sombedy who was not enabled to install successfully the service with a quickr server configured with MS Active directory. I had a look to this issue and determined that it is mandatory to specify a base seearh context to perform an LDAP search on a MS AD directory (MS AD is apparently not fully compliant with the LDAP Standard and does support recursive search from the "Root DSE" LDAP Object. To fix this issue I have posted a version V2 of the servlet (attache userphoto-V2-for MS AD file) where you can specify an LDAP search base context. This version V2 can be used also for other LDAP directories.

To specify a serach base context, you just have to add a line like :


into the LDAPConfig.xml file

where ou=users,dc=ACME,DC=COM matches a parent context of the context where you have stored the users objects.

vincent vc cailly commented on Oct 22, 2009

Answer to Nathan

you should consider that it is first a Web service to retieve the user's photo from an LDAP directory. Then this service is reusable in any web application (the integration withe quickr business card is just an example). To display the photi an HTML page you just have to ust a tag like <img>{ Link }

about SearchFilterAttribute versus getParameterValue

if you want to use an url like

{ Link } to retrive the photo you need to use

SearchFilterAttribute= mail


if you want to use an url like

{ Link } to retrive the photo you need to use

SearchFilterAttribute= mail


But in both cases you wil use ( as the LDAP filter to retrive the photo.

about using the NAB and a field name userPhoto to store the photo. You need to start the LDAP task on the domoni server and to expose userphoto as an LDAP attribute as explained in the domino documentation. Also, normally when you start the LDAP task, the user's mail adress becomes automatically available thru the mail LDAP attribute.

Pascal GUEDET commented on Sep 30, 2009


Thanks a lot, this works very well for me !

Nathan Simpson commented on Sep 23, 2009

Mostly working

I am not sure what the SearchFilterAttribute and getParameterValue should be set to. Not sure where you got 'mail', but I haven't got a 'mail' field in the Domino NAB. There is an 'InternetAddress' field though that stores the email address. Is this what I should use for both these fields and the URL in the QPCONFIG.XML file?

And should any special settings need to be set for the photo field in the NAB, in particular with the LDAP settings? Our photo field is called 'UserPhoto'.

I do agree with Adam though. This is more complicated than it needs to be especially if you are using a Domino NAB.

But thanks for putting it together all the same.

Adam Foster commented on Aug 27, 2009

too complicated

this is very convoluted, ldap and java,

who does this the admin or the developer

what is wrong with:

"Use photo in user's profile jpegphoto" tick

"use h_memberphoto in user's profile" tick

I think I'll look at share point

vincent vc cailly commented on Aug 17, 2009


attachmentshave been reposted

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Attachements are not available, could you repost them please ?