Michael Urspringer commented on Aug 21, 2009

Place Description

Is there any possibility to set the place description of a Domino Quickr place via the API?

Jon M Strande commented on May 19, 2009


Jennifer, thank you so much!

There seems to be some missing information here:

1.) How do you specify the place type?

2.) How do you assign a role to a person?

3.) When setting the local owner, is password required? I'm currently using the older 'CreatePlace' REST call and getting by the need for basic auth by setting the LtpaToken cookie in the HTTP request.

Thank you!


Jennifer Dunne commented on May 19, 2009

Supported versions

The Java APIs work with any version of Quickr.

Jon M Strande commented on May 19, 2009

What version of Quickr does this work with?

Can you add the version(s) of Quickr that this works with? Specifically, does this work with J2EE version 8.1.1?

Thank you!