Bradford M Hair commented on Dec 3, 2010

Creating a PlaceBot using LotusScript

Good info with plenty of details.

Worth adding here... As of 8.5.1, you cannot export from Domino Designer if you are using the eclipse LS editor (the menu option is not there). Changing your preferences to use the old style editor will allow import/export. (File >> Preferences, then Domino Designer >> LotusScript Editor, then uncheck 'Use Eclipse-based LotusScript editor')

Rehan Altaf commented on Sep 14, 2009


As far as i know there is no way to this in Quickr for J2EE. As far as sending emails automatically to all members, you can have your agent do a lookup in ACL, contacts1.nsf or check the place document for members in PlaceCatalog.nsf. If you decide not to use a placebot you can always use the notification option at the bottom of the Post to notify all.

Steffen Graebner commented on Sep 2, 2009

Is this also possible for Quickr services for Websphere Portal?

Or how is it possible to automatically send emails to placemembers every time content changes?