Johan Bladh commented on Nov 10, 2008

Worked like a charm

Hi Gregory. Now it's working to install the plug-in. But I don't get a "Publish" menu choice anywhere. Looked both in the chat menus and in the client menu. Both in the menues themselfes and under preferences. Restarted twice as well. I used Sametime Connect 8.0.1.

Gregory Melahn commented on Oct 30, 2008

Error installing plugin

Johan, I also rebuilt it and changed the version number to 1.0.1 and added a license stanza to see if that fixes the issue - see { Link }

Gregory Melahn commented on Oct 30, 2008

Error installing plugin

I've heard the same issue from other users but I don't see it myself yet. Are you using Sametime 7.5.x? If so can you try just adding the jar files to the plugins directory of the sametime client and start a chat to see if the 'Publish' menu choice appears?

Johan Bladh commented on Oct 30, 2008

Error when installing plugin

I get the following error when I try to install this plug-in in the ST Connect 8.0.1 client:

QuickrChatPublisher Feature (1.0.0) does not have a valid license agreement

Something wrong with the feature.xml?