Zhi Yong Yin commented on Dec 19, 2011

Re: Add custom input fields to Quickr for Domino forms

Hi Gareth,

It's the same in Quickr 8.5. you also can refer to this article for reference:


Any problem please let me know!


Gareth Howell commented on Dec 15, 2011

Re: Add custom input fields to Quickr for Domino forms

Nice article, however I am assuming this applies to Quickr 8.1,8.2 (it's not indicated in the text), rather than 8.5.

How would one achieve the same objective in Quickr 8.5?

Mike Yin commented on Oct 10, 2009


Hi Graeme,

h_Choice is just the system name of this field in Quickr system, it should be unique, you can use any words you like, such as h_Choice1, aStyle, doc_catalog ...

Hi Alan,

The code for displaying the custom fields is the same with other native fields. Quickr uses different code to display field based on the value of h_FieldType field, if the h_FieldType is h_TextPopup, Quickr will display this field as a dropdown list box.

I do not suggest you to update any code for displaying field in Haikucommonforms.ntf, because you may meet some problems when upgrading your environment. You'd better use HTML imported form, since you can change it to any appearance you like.


Alan G Scott commented on Aug 31, 2009

Changing how fields are displayed

Hi Mike, Thanks... This was really helpful in allowing me to understand how to make the customisations i needed, however I'm still stumped on where to find the code that allows me to modify how a new custom field is displayed when viewing a page, not editing.. I've tried playing with the qpread form in haikucommonforms, but no joy yet.. Can you shed any light on this ?



Graeme Gilbertson commented on Jul 24, 2009



Can you tell me what the connection is between h_Choice and the above field? I need to create several drop down fields with different values and would like to do it this way if possible.