DIONYSIS T KARAISKAKIS commented on Feb 18, 2010

Change the default themes of Quickr


The download link you have in your article is not working.

Mike Yin commented on May 30, 2009

Some explanation on the solution

Hi ON Admin,

I'm glad to hear that you want to try this solution, but I'd like to give you a reminder that this solution will change the default theme of Quickr, which may cause Quickr to work incorrectly, so please backup resources.nsf or try with a test environment first before applying it to your production environment.

Quickr has already provided some HTML layout files under <Domino>\data\domino\html\qphtml\skins\, for example, Quickr 8.1 theme files are under quickr81 folder, they are edit.htm, headlines.htm, listfolder.htm, page.htm, slideshow.htm and stylesheet.css. You can create a new copy of page.htm, and add some code in it, such as adding a new div tag in this file: <div id="testDiv">Hello Mike</div>, then use it in step 5, after submitting it, you can find the change in your place!

Hope this could help you, any problem please let me know.


ON admin commented on May 28, 2009

HTML Layout file

Hi Mike,

Can you also post a sample HTML Layout file mentioned in step 5? I'm new to Quickr and not sure what to include in the file. Please help.

Thank you

ON Admin