James A Riel commented on May 22, 2012

Re: Wiki Help

You can set a default page by making the page the first item on the Toc via "check in with options".

If you want to create links inside a wiki page, you can use an anchor to point to another part of the same page, or point to any other internal or external url.

Chris Sanchez commented on May 11, 2012

Re: Wiki Help

Thanks for the information James. 3 more follow up questions if you don't mind.

1. How do I set a page to be the default , e.g. Home page, that gets displayed when someone hits my wiki URL.

2. Is there an easier way to deal with URLs. a) display a name instead of the fully qualified URL, similar to the example in this page [[URL|Linkname]], and b) is there a short cut to reference other wiki pages in the same wiki. I seem to have to use fully qualified names with document ids for Quickr which look really bad and take up alot of room.

James A Riel commented on May 10, 2012

Re: Wiki Help

Hi Chris,

The Quickr wiki app was designed to avoid the need for users to know wiki markup language and to make it as consistent as possible with creating any other content for a Quickr place. So anyone should be able to create a wiki simply without understanding markup language. While it is possible to extend or customize the rich text editor to handle wiki markup, it is not a straightforward process and the contents saved to the server might be encoded incorrectly.

Chris Sanchez commented on May 7, 2012

Re: Wiki Help

I'm new to Lotus Quickr. We just installed Quickr 8.5.1SP27. I created a new wiki and a new page; however, I don't see how I where the wiki markup language is used. The default editor is a rich text editor. I'm pretty familiar with wikis and am accustomed to creating content with a markup language. Among other things, linking is very easy. e.g. based on this article I would have to do something like "[[PageToLinkTo]]". Do I have to get my administrator to enable more capabilities or customize our wiki install?