Van Staub commented on Nov 18, 2008

stlinks.js missing variable

The variable persists in Sametime 7.0 hotfixes for stlinks and is contained in the core product for Sametime 7.5.1+. If the stlinks.js file is on the Domino server, it's possible that the DWA installation that is part of Domino has overwritten the stlinks.js with an older version.

Linda Waters commented on Aug 1, 2008

stlinks.js file does not have the STLinksCaseSensitive variable

Sametime server Configuration:- Domino 7.0.3 with Sametime751 CF1

Quickr server configuration:- Domino7.0.3 with Quickr 8.0

My Pre-domino703 backup shows that Stlinks.js file contains the STLinksCaseSensitive variable. After upgrading to 7.0.3 the stlinks.js file is missing the STLinksCaseSensitive variable. Does this mean that it is no longer needed?