Alan Bell commented on Mar 30, 2009

getting a fraction closer

ok, so the introspection thing should return more than "Quickr 8.0 Places" if it doesn't then the "My Places" probably also returns nothing. If you have session authentication turned on then basic authentication doesn't work, so using curl from the terminal won't work as it uses LTPA. From a browser log on to the place, then browse to the /dm/atom/introspection url to get started. Domino URLS for a folder look something like

{ Link }

Alan Bell commented on Mar 30, 2009

trying to follow the example with Quickr for Domino

I am a bit puzzled by the example, it seems to be targeted at the websphere quickr and I can't work out how the URLs should map into the Domino context. I understand the api requests are in the /dm/atom/ area and /dm/atom/introspection does return

"Quickr 8.0 Places" wrapped up in some XML. I can't quite figure out what the /library/* URl is for. Is that a websphere thing? Which URLs should be paths to the NSF files? I think I am going to need to know the ID of the library, is that a replica ID or a unid of some document somewhere? how should I find it?