Katherine Mora commented on Oct 7, 2011

Re: Place services

I have a user that has at least 16 places. If I go and check all the places from the Quick UI I get all those places listed but if I use this http://server/myqcs/rest/places/feed?page=1&pagesize=20&sortby=PlaceTitle&sortorder=1&filter=al even if I modify the page size or if I change page to -1 I always get only 10 places. I also tried only using http://server/myqcs/rest/places/feed with no parameters and the same thing happens. Does any of you know what might be the problem.

Thanks in advance!

Ricardo Diaz-Albertini commented on Feb 23, 2009

Getting place UUID

Does anybody know how to get the place uuid programatically that your portlet is in?