AHMAD A RAHMAN commented on Dec 22, 2016

Re: Web services for documents

I also have the same issue. But I figured out that the Places is not being enumerated because it logs in Anonymously and Quickr page is not set to use SSO authentication.

I tried the following (C#) but it still did not worked. It still traverse using Anonymous.

basicAuthCreds = new NetworkCredential("username", "password");

NetworkCredential libraryServiceCredential = basicAuthCreds.GetCredential(libraryServiceUri, "Basic");

libraryService.Credentials = libraryServiceCredential;

Any help appreciated.

Dipti Kulkarni commented on Oct 1, 2009

Webservice apis dont work as expected

I have used the webservice apis. i am in aprocess of writing an inhouse application which traverses the entire hierarchy of Quickr. I have uset getBusinessComponents(null,null,) api to retrieve all the libraries/places. however i can see only one place being retrieved by the api.

I may be missing out something. please pass some good examples on fetching data from quickr. like fetching places, fetching children-documents,folders etc.

You can reach me at kulkarnidipti@gmail.com