Community articleSimple Example of Using a REST Service to Post a Blog Entry
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This is a simple programming example of how to use the REST service introduced in Quickr 8.1.1 for working with blog content.

This example posts a new blog entry. The prerequisite for using this example is Quickr 8.1.1 Portal Services and a jdk.

Usage is BlogPostEntry QuickrUrl QuickrBlogId QuickrUserid QuickrPassword BlogPostTitle BlogPostContent

java BlogPostEntry http://localhost:10038 232873004d06ab01a08af78fda52aab6 userid password "A New Post" "Hello Quickr"

Expand the "Attachments section" to download the JAVA source code for this content.

To obtain the ID of the blog to use, first HTTP GET the feed of places, then HTTP GET the Blogs link from the place entry from that feed, then you will see the id in the entry for that place.

vignesh udayakumar commented on Jul 19, 2010

Simple Example of Using a REST Service to Post a Blog Entry

Can someone provide information abt How to get the placeId and roleId( of Quickr Administrator) from Quickr. If possible pls point me to a resource that talks abt getting the placeId and roleId.



Gregory Melahn commented on May 11, 2009

Recipe for getting the id

get Feed of Places

e.g. { Link }

get Blogs link from places entry from above

e.g. { Link }

get id from the blog entry from above

e.g. <id></id>

run the code

e.g. java BlogPostEntry { Link } a8c8fe004cb77e6c96cdd7d09e6acbe0 foobarpassword "A New Post" "Hello Quickr"

Anirudh Sonthalia commented on Apr 19, 2009

How to get the Blog ID ?

How to get the Blog ID ?