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Lotus Quickr places can be created using a REST service. This page describes how to use this service.

There is a REST service for creating a Quickr place.   Following the Atom publishing protocol, Post a Place Entry resource to the places feed.

The place entries feed has the following format:


Example Request

POST /myqcs/rest/places/feedHTTP/1.1

Content-Type: application/atom+xml
Content-Length: nnnn
Authorization: Basic ...
<entry xmlns=""xmlns:td="">
<title type="text">ExamplePlace</title>
<summary type="text">ExamplePlace description</summary>
<td:template>Team Wiki</td:template>

Returns an entry for the place created.
Example Response


HTTP/1.1201 Created
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 18:17:11 GMT
Content-Length: nnn
Content-Type: application/atom+xml; charset="utf-8"

<?xml version="1.0"encoding="UTF-8"?>
<entry xml:base="../myqcs/rest/place/11_19L82GL10GB5C02J12U22Q04F5/"
<link href="../myqcs/rest/place/11_19L82GL10GB5C02J12U22Q04F5/entry"
<link href="../lotus/myquickr/6_19L82GL10GB5C02J12U22Q0KK4"
<link href="../myqcs/rest/place/11_19L82GL10GB5C02J12U22Q04F5/roles"
<link href="../myqcs/rest/place/11_19L82GL10GB5C02J12U22Q04F5/members"
<link href="../dm/atom/libraries/feed?placeId=
<link href="../webcontent/atom/libraries/feed?placeId=
<link href="../webcontent/atom/libraries/feed?placeId=
<title type="text">ExamplePlace</title>
<name>quickr admin</name>
<summary type="text">ExamplePlace description</summary>
<td:template>applications/Team Wiki</td:template>
<content type="application/atom+xml"src="feed"></content>

Lotus Communities use this service in their shipping product through 3.0 and Quickr 8.5
Tony Stoyle commented on Jun 14, 2011

Re: Create a place TECHNICAL PREVIEW

PS We are on 8.1.1 Websphere Portal, is this only available from 8.5 onwards or something?

Tony Stoyle commented on Jun 14, 2011

Re: Create a place TECHNICAL PREVIEW

I just cannot get this to work, I always get a 500 status code returned. In the example I notice that the template value in the response is the value of the category plus template on the POST - is this correct?

Hui Jian He commented on Feb 5, 2010


Do we have one for Quickr Domino? thanks

Jon M Strande commented on May 3, 2009

Optional parameters?

The reply I get from calling create place includes an element 'islisted', and it always comes back true.

Two questions:

1.) What does islisted mean?

2.) Is there any way to set this to false when I invoke the call?

Thank you!


Soumya Sreeram commented on Jan 26, 2009

re: How to specify the Place URL?

Hi Allan

I guess you are trying to get a friendly URL generated for the place.

Friendly URL is a limitation for this API.

Link 'alternate' points to the place created.

Allan Lang commented on Jan 23, 2009

How to specify the Place URL?

How can I specify the desired URL for the created Place? I can do this via the web UI but when using the above API call, the place just gets a generated URL. I would like to be able to specify this at creation time, or at least via an update. Is this possible via the API?