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No abstract provided.
This is the specification for applications to remove a member from a place.
The request sequence involved to remove a member from a place is as follows:

The API supports removing a member from a place by the following means:
URL endpoints

POST to the following URL format:

Remove member from a place


This method requires authentication.

Example Request

Entry containing member information to be removed from a place. Member DN is title element ID element should contain the uid part of the DN. Both elements are mandatory.

POST /myqcs/rest/place/.../members/.../entry HTTP/1.1


X-Method-Override: DELETE

Content-Type: application/atom+xml

Content-Length: nnnn

Authorization: Basic ...

<entry xmlns="<a href=" http:="http:""" Atom="Atom">"></entry>

<title type="text">uid=SusanAdams1,cn=users,l=Westford,st=Massachusetts,c=US,ou=Lotus,o=Software Group,dc=ibm,dc=com</title>


Example Response
Returns 200 if member is removed from the place

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Allan Lang commented on Feb 13, 2009

Re: Re: Re: Removal doesn't work

Many thanks, Soumya, that's resolved the problem!

X-Method-Override header must be set to DELETE, but also the <id> element appears to be mandatory - if this is missing the removal still doesn't happen.

It's a shame that this method returns 200 and nothing if successful, since it also returns 200 and nothing if it's unsuccessful. I think this would be worth looking at for a future enhancement.

Thanks again for your help,


Soumya Sreeram commented on Feb 13, 2009

Re: Re: Removal doesn’t work

Hi Allan, When POST is used to remove a member, request header has to be set with DELETE method.

Please make sure header value for "X-Method-Override" is set to "DELETE".

<id> element value is generally "uid" value from DN.

Allan Lang commented on Feb 11, 2009

Re: Re: Removal doesn't work

The ID of the place I want to manage is 11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43, so I get the members feed for this place using

GET .../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members

which returns (some data obscured):

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<feed xmlns="{ Link }


<title type="text">Application Members Collection</title>

<link href=".../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members" rel="self"></link>





<entry xmlns:td="">

<title type="text">Portal Admin ID</title>


<link href=".../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members/9eAeIHDA6Q46P1C2JM46L9D2JO4643PQ2S06HPOAMO8C2BBEJP4CGHO43P86/entry" rel="self"></link>

<link href=".../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members/9eAeIHDA6Q46P1C2JM46L9D2JO4643PQ2S06HPOAMO8C2BBEJP4CGHO43P86/entry" rel="edit"></link>


<content type="application/xml">

<td:member id="zzz" DN="uid=zzz,...,dc=com" type="USER" email="" display-name="Portal Admin ID"></td:member>



<entry xmlns:td="">

<title type="text">Allan Lang</title>


<link href=".../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members/9eAeL1D46PCC3BDAJM06JPOAMO464BOQ2S06I9CAMO8C2BBEJP4CGHO43P86/entry" rel="self"></link>

<link href=".../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members/9eAeL1D46PCC3BDAJM06JPOAMO464BOQ2S06I9CAMO8C2BBEJP4CGHO43P86/entry" rel="edit"></link>


<content type="application/xml">

<td:member id="xxx" DN="uid=xxx,...,dc=com" type="USER" email="" display-name="Allan Lang"></td:member>




I would then expect to be able to remove member "Allan Lang" using the "self" link for the member I want to remove, i.e.:

POST .../myqcs/rest/place/11_5J8S8B1A0098F02V4HJ7US4F43/members/9eAeL1D46PCC3BDAJM06JPOAMO464BOQ2S06I9CAMO8C2BBEJP4CGHO43P86/entry

Authorization: Basic ...

Content-Type: application/atom+xml


Content-Length: nnnn

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<entry xmlns="{ Link }

<title type="text">uid=xxx,...,dc=com</title>


The above does return a 200 status code and an empty response body, as expected, but the member is not removed from the place.

Can you spot where I'm going wrong? Is the <id> element in the POST definately optional, and if not, what value should it contain?

Soumya Sreeram commented on Feb 10, 2009

Re: Removal doesn't work

Hi Allan

To remove a member from an application use the POST to specified URL with entry containing memebr information. Title element must exactly match to DN of the member.

If these information are right, member remove should work.

Note: You can use myqcs/rest/place/{place-id}/members feed to get member details like id, DN.

Allan Lang commented on Feb 10, 2009

Use of DELETE method

Correction - use of a DELETE on the "self" URL for a member can result in a 200 status code if a body to the request is provided as per the example above (although I believe DELETE is not supposed to have a request body). In any case, the removal of the member from the place still does not occur.

Allan Lang commented on Feb 10, 2009

Removal doesn't appear to work


I'm unable to get this functionality to work. Although I receive a 200 status code from the server, the member is not removed from the place. I am certain that the place and member IDs I am using are correct, as I am retrieving these from the relevant members feed.

I also tried using an HTTP DELETE to the same URL (as this seemed more logical) but this results in a 500 error status indicating an Apache Abdera error.

Any pointers as to what I might be doing wrong would be much appreciated.